Thursday, 9 September 2010

Warning - exposure to the sun causes subliminal advertising.

Via the Daily Mail (yes, I know..):

It's a well-known fact that shunning the sunscreen and basking in direct sun leads to wrinkles.

But those who thought their skin was shielded while driving, or sitting in a conservatory, could be in for a nasty surprise.

The damage caused by sun coming through glass can be so dramatic that, over time, the side of the face exposed to the rays can end up looking up to seven years older than the other.


Another study, by [have a guess. Go on. Answer below], found even a few hours sitting in a car in April resulted in skin damage linked to ageing.

 Now, who would want to associate themselves with this little bit of scaremongering, and why would they want to?


Boots the chemist. In what is a clearly unrelated note, the article finishes off with:
The research is published by Boots, which is introducing UVA sun protection into a line of No 7 moisturisers.

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