Sunday, 7 February 2010

Why let drink decide?

The (UK) Government's latest waste of money, is a campaign to 'inform' children and their parents of the evils of alcohol on kids. Of course they aren't scaremongering are they?

The effects of alcohol on young people are not the same as they are on adults.  While alcohol misuse can present health risks and cause careless behaviour in all age groups, it is even more dangerous for young people.

Because there's a problem, and something must be done for the children:

A count of finished admission episodes where the primary diagnosis was alcohol poisoning for children 16 and under, 1998-99 to 2008-09

Monday, 1 February 2010

Exclusive Eyes - when a 100% guarantee isn't a 100% refund.

Exclusive Eyes would appear to have problems between their advertising and their T&Cs.

Over on their home page we have the following graphic:

100% guarantee on your glasses
A 100% quality guarantee - this means that if there is anything wrong with your glasses you will get your money back without a quibble.

However this would appear to be at odds with their Terms and Conditions (emphasis mine):

6. Refund(s) and Return(s)
At, we take special care to ensure that our frames exceed the quality benchmark which you would expect them to.
Our Laboratory Technicians & Opticians also maintain stringent tests on every piece at every stage to ensure that your prescription corrects your vision precisely.
This is the reason why we think it would be unfair for our customers to expect a refund from us for lenses made especially as per their prescription. Thus, we do not offer any refund for the lenses component of your order.

We request all our customers to measure the frame size prior to placing the order. However, if after placing the order and receiving the frame you are dissatisfied with the quality or size of the frame, we will refund 50% of the frame cost (excluding optional extras, if any). For example, if the value of the frame ordered is £25 and the value of the optional extras such as thin lenses and tinted lenses is £30, we will refund 50% of £25 i.e. £12.50. Please note, postage charges are not refundable.

Our packaging and logistics department ensure that the frames are carefully packaged. We assure our customers that our lenses cannot be damaged during transportation. We therefore will not make any refunds for claims which state that the glasses were broken in transportation. At ExclusiveEyes, we take every effort to provide high-quality spectacles at the lowest possible UK prices.