Saturday, 18 September 2010

The (UK)government on not being wasteful....

From Private Eye 1271, I found this:

"There has been an estimated 52 percent reduction in spending for the first month of the government's marketing and advertising freeze." announced the Cabinet Office last month. " That is the equivilant of almost £6.5m in savings, compared to the same period last year."

Pats on the back all round. Not least at DEFRA, where filming on a new public information campaign encouraging people to recycle was completed just three weeks before the election.
Even though the entire budget had already been spent on making and editing the film and the airtime was donated for free, the coalition has decided to waste money by not using a campaign against waste, in order not to appear wasteful.


  1. Yeh, but how many of the general public will be told that the budget had alrady been spent before the election. And would the MSM highlight this truthful fact or lambast the goverment for wasting money on pointless propaganda. The MSM don't do truth.

  2. Yes, but would that necessarily be any worse than what's actually happened and the money wasted?

  3. Yes, because it would be bad publicity for the politicians and politicians don't like bad publicity. Polticians and logical thought do not go together.

  4. But isn't this bad publicity for the politicians anyway?

    "Damned if you do, damned if you don't" sorta thing.

  5. The point being that in not showing the advert the public (read MSM) won't be triggered into looking into the spending in the first place. Seeing as how any government spending is currently viewed, the creation of the advert would still be seen as wasteful by the MSM as it most likely would be teaching people how to suck eggs. So better to not show it all.