Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Dettol - germy soap dispensers...

Protection from Germy Stuff

Hands touch some germy(1) stuff.(2) And those germs can end up on your soap pump.(3)

Fact: Your soap pump can harbour hundreds of bacteria. (Scary sound effect.)(4)

But now there's the Dettol No-Touch Hand Wash System.(5)

It senses hands, and dispenses soap which kills 99.9%(6) of bacteria. And it's enriched with a moisturising ingredient to help care for your hands.

The Dettol No-Touch Hand Wash System. Never touch a germy soap pump again.

Here we go again. Dettol spouting utter bollocks again.

(1) Are they advertising this thing to kids? What sort of word is 'germy' to be using with adults?

(2) So what. That's what washing your hands helps to get rid of.

(3) Unless you're keeping your soap pump in a clean-room, and steam-cleaning it (unless it has larval bacteria on it - you might need Dettol Complete Clean for that circumstance) every hour, it's going to end up with germs on it regardless of whether it's being touched or not. Merely bringing your hands close to it is probably sufficient to add some more germs. What's that you say? You have to wave your hands at this dispenser to get it to dispense some goo?

(4) Scary!!! Though that said, once you've got your soap (and bacteria) from your (bog standard) dispenser - what are you going to do? Wash those germs off! Isn't that the sort of point of any soap dispenser?

(5) The wonders of technology, eh? Lets invent a solution, and look for a problem, shall we?

(6) Weasel words. It either kills all germs, or there's some non-round number of germs it does kill. All but 0.1% is not a 'non-round' number.

I'm just wondering
a) How many batteries this thing uses.
b) How you sanitise the thing after you've changed the batteries/changed the empty soap dispenser when you've done so using your germ covered hands, since you can't use the bugger to wash the germs off until you've performed the change.
c) What comparable research Dettol have done on the bacterial level on soap bars. With or without pubes ;)


  1. What will they come up with as more and more evidence mounts up that the superclean environment has been contributing to the increase in asthma and other similar diseases.

  2. SadButMadLad - my views exactly.
    You know what - I'm so fed up with the advertising bollocks spouted by Dettol (I see they've re-introduced the lava ad) that I have determined NEVER to buy any of their products ever again.

  3. Um, you don't mention the most obvious fact... it is meant to avoid you getting some germs on the tip of one finger **immediately before you wash your hands with antibacterial soap**!!

  4. Anon@17:50 - well, not directly no - but that's what (4) addresses :)

  5. It really is effing ridiculous. Buy a bar of carbolic soap and stop nancying around with this crap. It's worse than plug-in air fresheners.

  6. "carbolic soap"

    Hmm - top search result (for me anyway) for carbolic soap is ... drum roll ... The Carbolic Soap Company - the specialists in..

    Well: Confectionary! Teapots! Mint Products!

    Pure idiocy.

  7. This ad is for suckers!! Hands up any body who go grope their "germy" pump after washing their hands...Now 99.9% germ free. Have they an answer for the "germy" tap??? Do we walk off and leave the tap running?? How many people have electrinic/foot operated taps in their homes??? Now add the compexity of the "germy Hand towels and door knobs...LOL