Wednesday, 28 April 2010

What's my blog rated? "General Audiences" Yeah, right.

A few bloggers have picked up on this new 'service' which appears to be advertising by meme/viral, which claims to rate your blog.

It appears to have started with (as far as I can trace it back) with AngryTeen who discovered, that had this facility been used to censor restrict his internet access, then he wouldn't be able to access his own blog. And as pointed out, Facebook has been given a 12 rating, when Facebook themselves don't want anyone under 13 using it.

So, what of this blog? As I write:

Yup. On the censored internet, this blog should be accessible to under 5 yr olds without parental supervision. Despite the actual name of the blog having the word bollocks in it. Quite how that works I don't know, but I'm certain it'll change soon.

Or it'll go down in waves of raucous laughter.

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