Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Humberside police.

Humberside Police. Protecting Communities Targeting Criminals
Humberside Police Pledge to the Community[current]
For the first time Our Policing Pledges gives you a clear minimum standard of service.

Well, allegedly.

Mr Graham Taylor, on having his shop robbed, gave chase to the shoplifters, and then saw a policeman parked up. What would you do? Go over to the policeman, and expect him to either help or radio in for help? Or would you expect to be asked (in the words of Mr Taylor):
"First he asked if I had reported it to the police, then asked if I had rang the police.
"He was the police, was I not reporting it there and then? Why do I need to ring the police to tell them when I told a police officer."

So, Humberside police has at least one officer not protecting the community or targeting criminals. "At least one" you ask? Well, when Mr Taylor did ring it in, no-one turned up. Because:

the officers in question missed the radio call as they were celebrating a colleague's retirement inside the station.
Mr Taylor said he went to the station and was met with a car adorned with pink balloons and shouts and cheers coming from within the building. 

As you might expect, Mr Taylor has complained. Only to be, so far, told:
It is disappointing to hear that Mr Taylor feels he was given a poor service from Humberside Police. 
Strange how they can seem to make it seem like it was Mr Taylor's fault. I'm left wondering what this particular spokesman would consider poor service, given they clearly think Mr Taylor's experience wasn't.

Also appears in Yorkshire Post and The Sun.

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