Sunday, 28 March 2010

...except possibly at Alnwick.

Holiday time. Just been in York, England for a long weekend and found a couple of things, that while not strictly advertising, are certainly bollocks.

First up, Marygate

Above may be seen a facsimile of the type of shutter which was used in medieval times to guard the bowman against a return flight o farrows. The abbey wall which is 13th and 14th century is unique in that its battlements retain the grooves fror these shutters which swing on trunnions the wooden guard after the bowman had fired his arrows in quick succession was swung own to protect him.
The grooves do not exist anywhere else on the City walls and it is doubtful if there are any others in England except possibly at Alnwick.
Weasel words if ever I saw them. Sounds like someone's not doing their research. Or at least not sufficiently.

For the interested, two shots showing what it's talking about, and a Google Street-view for those who may want to wander:

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Next up, not too much further away (and excuse the quality - shot taken at night on a Nokia 3310) in High Petergate:

SIR THOMAS HERBERT 1606-1982 lived hereabouts. A Parliamentarian, he later became a Groom of the Bedchamber and a close friend of King Charles I. He stayed with him on the night before his execution and attended him on the scaffold.

All of the other plaques of this type I saw in York said "XXX was born here" or "XXX lived here" etc This one just seems a bit too woolly, and again, showing an apparent lack of research.

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