Thursday, 9 December 2010

Normal people are terrorist suspects

Spotted via Dizzy:

The government wasting more money on yet another pointless advertising campaign.

Examples of suspicious behaviour[current]?
  • Van - Terrorists need transport.
  • Passport - Terrorists use multiple identities.
  • Mobile phone - Terrorists need communication.
  • Camera - Terrorists need information.
  • Chemicals - Do you know someone buying large or unusual quantities of chemicals for no obvious reason?
  • Mask and goggles - Terrorists use protective equipment.
  • Credit card - Terrorists need funding.
  • Computer - Terrorists use computers.
  • Suitcase - Terrorists need to travel.
  • Padlock - Terrorists need storage. 
I mean, really - can you come up with at least one valid and non-terrorist related use for each of those items?

I could probably come up with my own list:

  • Air - terrorists need to breathe. Have you seen someone breathing recently?
  • Water - terrorists need to drink. Have you seen anyone drinking?
  • Food - terrorists need to eat. Have you seen someone trying to buy sandwiches at Tescos?
  • Toilets - terrorists need to piss and have a dump. Have you seen anyone visiting the pleasantly smelling lavatorial facilities in your local pub?

Nanny-statism at it's unpleasant worst.

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